Accident Prep: Five Things You Should Do before Hitting The Road



“That’s terrible, but it’ll never happen to me.

It’s a thought we’ve all had at one time or another. We hear about some terrible crash involving a transport truck; an accident where an irresponsible driver careened off the road and caused grievous harm to an innocent. We shake our heads, say a silent prayer for the victim and their loved ones, and move on with our lives.

And all the while, we operate under the preconception – or perhaps more accurately, the hope – that something so terrible will never happen to us.

Thing is, that’s not really a great way to operate. Everyone would like to believe themselves untouchable or invincible right up to the point that they’re staring an out of control truck in the face. Fact is, that sort of thing can happen to any of us.

And that’s exactly why it’s important that we prepare in advance, both to save ourselves the grief and to protect our friends and loved ones. Here are a few things everyone should take care of before they get behind the wheel.

1. Understand What Your Insurance Covers

You don’t want to end up getting in an accident only to find that your insurance company is going to leave you high and dry. A concrete understanding of your insurance policy and what it protects is imperative to safe driving. Don’t get on the road without it.

2. Check Weather And Traffic Reports

Inclement weather causes accidents, which are also likelier to happen during periods of high traffic congestion. Do yourself a favor and tune into the reports before you start driving. You’ll know what areas to avoid – and whether or not it might be a better idea to just take the bus.

3. Make Sure You’re Rested

Never get behind the wheel when you’re fatigued. It kills your reaction time, and leads to way more mistakes than you’d otherwise make. Stay alert on the road – your safety depends on it.

4. Examine Your Car

Every driver training course in the world advises you to do a spot check on your vehicle before you start driving – but how many of us actually do it? Chances are we’ve all skipped this step at one point or another. We shouldn’t, though.

All it takes is a single fault in a vehicle to cause a catastrophic accident, after all.

5.  Be Aware Of Nearby Trucking Routes

A car accident with another small automotive is bad enough – you don’t want to wind up up in a collision with a transport truck. Do a bit of research so you know what trucking routes pass by the places you most frequently drive. That way, you’ll be better equipped to protect yourself if any of the firms that run them are negligent.

Drive Safe!

Even if you’re conscientious and careful, sometimes there’s nothing you can to – an irresponsible trucker can still turn your life upside down. That’s where Bormaster Law comes in. We’ve a long history of taking corrupt trucking firms to task for their misdeeds, and we’ll ensure that if you’ve been injured by a trucker, their employer won’t get away with it.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and take the first step towards taking back your life.