Another Day, Another Trucking Accident: What The I-10 Death Teaches Us About Road (And Legal) Safety

mature-2329536_640Last month, tragedy struck along the I-10 in Houston. At 10 AM on Saturday, June 12, a metal tow hitch ball slammed into the windshield of a Ford Explorer. The driver, a 69-year-old woman, was dead at the scene. Her husband barely managed to bring the car to a stop, grabbing the steering wheel after the tow ball struck.

Details are still scant on how the incident occurred. All we know for sure is that someone along the highway failed to properly secure the tow ball. Once they reached highway speeds, it flew loose.

This incident comes just a few days after another man was killed when a tire crushed his windshield. It also follows another incident in March, which saw a bolt slamming into the car of a man on highway 146. All of these incidents were probably due to something simple – a minor mistake that most days, no one would have looked twice at.

But they all led to someone’s death.

These incidents play to a sobering reality of the road. Even if you drive safe, that doesn’t mean other people on the road will follow suit. You can only be responsible for yourself, which means that horrible incidents like this one are too often unavoidable – and if you end up on the receiving end, all you can really do is pick up the pieces.

I’ve long been a proponent of taking corrupt trucking firms to task. But it isn’t clear that the trucking industry is responsible for this accident – or any of them, really. Truthfully, even if it’s not, people are still dead. Families still lost husbands and fathers and wives and mothers.

How can we prevent tragedies like this from happening again?

  • Exercise greater caution when securing items to our vehicles. Make absolutely certain they are firmly in place.
  • Take greater steps to hold people – whether they’re employed by trucking firms or not – accountable for accidents.   

Incidents like what happened on the I-10 are tragic, but entirely preventable. Moving forward, we need to take steps to make the roads safer for everyone. No matter what that involves.

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