Civil Trial Lawyers

Your Civil Trial Lawyers


At R.B. Bormaster & Associates, P.C. you have a team of lawyers and support staff that are very familiar with civil trial law. We strive to avoid having to take cases to trial as much of the time it is better for everyone if we can solve the problem before it gets to that point. However there are always those times when those we are across from are, quite simply, unreasonable. For whatever reason they do not want to make things right or meet in the middle. They would rather take their chances with a jury. Although we try to encourage our adversaries to avoid this, we are still more than ready to proceed if that is what it takes.

We know that most people do not budget for an attorney and are not excited to need representation. We respect the fact that for you, if you have to use our services in this context, then your individual situation is probably one of the most important in your life at that point in time. We pride ourselves on respecting the seriousness of your situation and taking whatever steps we can to help alleviate your stress and make things easier for you. Our lawyers and support staff are capable and compassionate. We will walk you through what is expected of you from record retention, to the legal discovery process, to court hearings, depositions, mediations and trial. We will stay with you from cradle to grave and will not stop until all legal means to solve your problem are exhausted.

Most of our clients that come to us in need of Civil Trial assistance don’t realize that they are making a life-long relationship filled with friends and family when they walk through our doors. We DO NOT CHARGE for consultations and are ALWAYS AVAILABLE for you. So contact us today. We would be honored to be your personal lawyer too.