Five Questions To Ask Yourself After A Trucking Accident



The unthinkable has happened. In spite of all your best efforts, you’ve been involved in an accident with a transport truck. Maybe the driver wasn’t paying attention and plowed into you. Maybe they lost control of their vehicle due to faulty equipment.

Whatever the cause, your day’s been pretty much ruined. Don’t panic. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a few questions…then you can figure out your next step and if you have a trucking accident case.

How and When Did The Accident Occur?

Was it night-time or daytime? Was the weather clear, or were there conditions that would have impaired control and visibility like ice, fog, or heavy rainfall? What was the sequence of events leading up to the accident? Is it clear that the driver was at fault?

What Evidence Is There Of How The Accident Occurred

The aftermath of an accident can be extremely stressful. You’ve got to deal with your insurance company, personal injuries, and possible forced time off work. At the same time, you need to keep a clear head and consider what evidence was gathered at the scene of your accident. Do you have clear-cut proof that the driver or their employer was negligent?

Is The Driver An Employee Or A Contractor?

Depending on where the accident occurred, the law may be slightly different. In some states, a trucking company is culpable for accidents caused by anyone working for them – even contractors are considered employees when they are working for a company. In others, however, a trucking firm can only be held responsible if the driver is a permanent employee.

Who Does The Driver Work For?

Some trucking firms slip up now and then, while others have a long history of corruption and negligence. Find out who the driver that injured you works for, and do a bit of research. You might be surprised what comes up.


What Damages Have I Sustained?

Last but certainly not least, how were you impacted by the accident? Were you severely or permanently injured? Have you been hospitalized? Have you lost friends, family, or other loved ones? You need to be aware of the damages you’ve suffered, painful though that may be. This knowledge can be integral to a potential trucking accident case. 

Regardless of the damage you’ve suffered, you have a claim – the only question is how great a claim you’ve got.

Bormaster Law has a long history of dealing with a trucking accident case like yours, and taking trucking firms to task for their negligent practices. Contact us today for a free consultation. Whether you or a loved one has been severely injured, we’ll make sure the people responsible pay what’s due.