How Traffic Bottlenecks Contribute To Accident Rates



In a report published last month, The American Transportation Research Institute identified some of the country’s worst traffic bottlenecks. Houston and Atlanta topped the charts on a list of inefficiencies which costs the trucking industry billions of dollars annually. Yes, billions.

You read that right.

“Highway traffic congestion adds huge costs to freight transport,” notes “The research group said traffic has a $49.6 billion impact annually as a result of 728 million lost hours of productivity. That is the equivalent of 264,500 truck drivers sitting idle for an entire year, the trade group said.”

Suddenly, all the talk of how the trucking industry is struggling to make ends meet is cast in a new light, isn’t it? If we had some means of addressing inefficiencies on our nation’s roads – some way of identifying specific bottlenecks and eliminating them – we could save trucking firms billions of dollars.

And in so doing, we could ensure that fewer and fewer firms are willing to cut corners or force drivers into overly-long shifts. End result? Trucking is safer. The roads are safer.

You, your friends, and your loved ones are safer.

It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s one that isn’t likely to be viable anytime soon. Though there is an infrastructure project in the works to improve transportation and reduce congestion, the task of addressing all the nation’s inefficiencies is, simply put, nigh on impossible. And the thing is, even if we do manage to reduce congestion – even if we do manage to save all that money and improve the economy – there will still be corrupt trucking organizations.

There will still be firms that are more interested in making a quick buck than keeping the roads safe.

Organizations like that are why agencies like Bormaster Law exist. We have a long history of holding corrupt trucking moguls accountable for their actions. We have a long history of taking trucking firms to court when they’ve grievously injured an innocent, and ensuring they’re held accountable for their actions.. While we don’t deny that it’s important to address congestion on the nation’s roads, we also recognize that this is not guaranteed to prevent every trucking accident.

Which is exactly why we’ll remain ready to take firms to task for their deeds – so if you or a loved one has been injured by a trucker, contact us for a free consultation today, and take back your life.