In A Stolen Truck Collision, Who’s Responsible For Injuries?

crash-test-1620609_640In Edmonton last October, a stolen semi truck collided with another vehicle, shutting down the road for the better part of the day. Mercifully, no one was severely injured in the crash – though the stolen truck nearly collided with a school bus. It’s fortunate that it didn’t.

As it turns out, the theft of transport trucks is a surprisingly common crime. Since they usually tend to be older vehicles, they’re much easier than cars to hotwire. And when those trucks are involved in an accident, it raises a rather difficult question: who should be held accountable?

Many of the situations we’ve covered on our blog are fairly cut and dry, after all. There was some gross negligence on the part of a trucking firm, which led to catastrophic, life-changing injury. In the event of a stolen truck collision, it’s less clear.

Most states, after all, have a clause for stolen vehicles firmly established in the law. If your car is stolen and involved in a collision, the law holds, you are not responsible for the damages. Your insurance premiums will not increase, and you cannot be held accountable by the victims of an accident.

Most – but not all.

As with any law, liability can be challenged. New standards can be set. A company can still be held accountable for a stolen truck accident if a court can find precedence for it.

In situations like this, what that ultimately depends on is what the trucking firm did to prevent the theft.

What sort of security measures did their lot have in place? Did they adequately control access to their vehicles? Was there uniformed security present? Was the lot protected by video surveillance? How quickly was the theft reported, and how quickly did the firm take action?

These are all questions that need to be answered in order to determine whether it’s the thief or the trucking company that should be held responsible for your injuries. But they aren’t questions you need to answer on your own.

Bormaster Law has a long history of taking corrupt trucking firms to task for their poor practices – and if you’ve been injured in a collision with a stolen truck, we’ll help you do your due diligence to figure out who’s responsible. More importantly, we’ll ensure they don’t get away with the injuries they’ve caused you or your loved ones.

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