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At R.B. Bormaster & Associates, P.C., we’re more interested in the outcome of a case than the road there. That’s why, whether you’re coming to us with a lawsuit or seeking a criminal defense team, consultations are entirely free. It’s our firm belief that any lawyer who nickle-and-dimes their clients isn’t worth your time – which is precisely why we don’t.

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Our lawyers’ specialties include the following:

  • Trucking accidents
  • Real estate law
  • DWI, drug possession, theft, family violence, embezzlement, and other criminal defense cases
  • Severe injury, especially from vehicle or workplace accidents
  • Civil trials

Explore Your Options

What can you do to defend yourself against a false charge of fraud? How can you sift through the emotional pain of a lost loved one and build a wrongful death suit? What are your legal options in a civil suit?

The law is complicated, and often difficult to understand without legal training. Don’t go in blind – rely on our advice, instead.  

Get A Second Opinion

If you already have a legal time hired, that’s fine! We’re willing to offer you a second opinion on any legal advice they’ve given you. After all, the more minds you’ve got dedicated to your case, the better, right?

No Case, No Cost

For prosecuting cases, you don’t pay a cent until the case is resolved. We’re paid a small contingency fee based on your winnings or out-of-court settlement. That’s because we believe that if you’re a victim, you’ve already paid enough – it’s not right for us to make you pay even more.

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