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R.B. Bormaster & Associates, P.C. has experienced attorneys and staff who are ready to assist, advise and, when necessary, take legal action related to your real estate needs. We have successfully represented property owners, real estate developers, brokers and agents both in and out of the Court room. We have handled, boundary line disputes; ingress/egress rights; construction issues; liens; clouds on title; mortgage issues, hurricane and storm damage claims, general insurance/warranty issues and a host of other legal issues relating to land ownership. Our philosophy is quite simple really. We believe that our job as your personal lawyer is to avoid the Court Room if at all possible and, most importantly, to solve your problem. After all, no one really wants to go to Court. Most people you know probably do not even want to go to jury duty. So our ultimate goal is to quickly and efficiently solve your problem outside of the Courtroom. However, make no mistake, we stand ready to do whatever is necessary to protect your legal rights including presenting your case in Court. Whether your real property has been handed down for generations or is newly acquired—it is your land and your investment into the future wellbeing of your business and/or your family. Don’t let issues related to ownership interfere with the enjoyment of your land.

R.B. Bormaster & Associates does not Charge for Consultations and guarantees that their attorneys are willing to take the time to talk about your specific situation with you. Our real estate practice includes representation of businesses and individuals who started off as clients but quickly became like family. We would be proud to be your personal lawyers too.