The Dangers of Negligent Driving by Truckers

semi truck in snow

Earlier this month, eight bright young adults were killed in a ghastly trucking accident. A semi truck was stopped at a toll plaza, with a civilian vehicle sitting behind it. A third semi driver, clearly ignoring the road, slammed into the vehicle, crushing it between the two trucks.

Those in the smaller vehicle died instantly.

That driver is now in custody, awaiting charges of negligent driving causing death, but that’s likely small comfort to the families of the deceased. Nor was it any comfort to the two women hit by a delivery truck driver in Japan who was playing a mobile game while on the job. In both cases, the driver was clearly at fault – yet in both cases, the company that employed them might get off scot-free while the driver is punished. Such is the case with many negligent driving cases.

Here’s the problem with that – and it’s something we’ve covered in the past. In many places, it’s not clear who’s responsible if a trucker on the job injures or kills a bystander. Some hold that it’s the company who should be held liable, while others say the blame rests solely with the employee.

For the families of the deceased in the two examples above, the legal details of negligent driving cases are probably not something they want to put a lot of effort into thinking about. They want reparations for their loss. They want to be assured that this won’t happen again, to someone else.

It’s intellectually dishonest to pretend that these accidents were unpreventable, just as it’s rather naive to assume that the trucking companies involved didn’t see at least a few warning signs indicating that their employee should not be on the road. We’ve also written fairly extensively about the cost-cutting, corruption, and underhanded dealings that run rampant in the trucking industry in the past. Incidents like this smack of it.

The hiring of unskilled or negligent drivers is yet one more symptom. And in most cases, the drivers themselves will be (physically) unharmed after an accident. They’re behind the wheels of massive behemoths, after all – meaning the only one who loses in such a situation is you.

Don’t worry. Here’s where we come in. We have a long history of working with the victims of trucking companies in negligent driving cases, and a reputation for taking corrupt trucking firms to task for their misdeeds. By working with us, you can ensure that your loved ones are left to rest in peace, and your injuries are properly tended to.

And more importantly, you can ensure that those who are truly responsible for your loss don’t go unpunished.

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