There’s A New Accident App For Trucking – But How Can We Ensure People Will Use It?

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There’s a new mobile accident reporting app available for the transportation industry – and according to Fleet Owner, it has the potential to re-set the standard for documenting commercial vehicle crashes.

Known as the Accident Plan App, it leads the driver through each step of the accident reporting process, keeping administrators informed in realtime of what’s going on. Not only that, it documents every single aspect of an accident, assembling the data into a comprehensive accident report. Finally, it provides a seven-chapter training video that teaches users about proper accident reporting and conduct.

““The motor carrier has long held the disadvantage when it comes to crash defense,”Brendan Dawson, Founder and CEO of Accident Plan, told Fleet Owner. “That’s due, at least in part, to the driver not having proper tools and training with which to adequately handle a stressful crash scene event.”

“Vital data can be swept away quickly as emergency crews begin to clear the scene,” added Fay Engineering founder and accident reconstruction expert Patrick Fay. “Accident Plan gives the driver and the motor carrier the best chance to collect that data while it’s still fresh.”  “This information can create a distinct advantage during investigation and can significantly limit a carrier’s exposure during potential litigation.”

This accident app is a great idea, and one that could make accidents much less stressful for everyone involved – assuming, that is, that trucking firms actually use it properly. Those firms that actually practice proper safety procedures, vet their drivers, and maintain their equipment will definitely tap into the app’s power. But for the trucking companies that cut corners and can’t be bothered to see to it that their vehicles are safe?

It’s just one more tool they won’t use. These firms aren’t really interested in improving the accident reporting process, or enhancing their safety procedures. They’re looking to save money wherever they can, and a new accident app won’t change that fact.

In short, Accident Plan is an accident app for businesses that are already practicing accident safety.

As for the rest of them, if you’ve been injured in an accident, you can turn to a law firm like Bormaster Law. We’ve a long history of tackling corruption and negligence in the transportation industry, and you can rest assured that we won’t let a corrupt company get off with just a warning. Contact us today for a free consultation.