Three Tips For Avoiding Winter Trucking Accidents



Just because there’s snow on the ground and ice on the roads, doesn’t mean negligent truckers are going to drive any safer, nor does it mean trucking companies will necessarily take any additional precautions. If you want to avoid a nasty – and potentially fatal – winter trucking accidents, you’ll need to be proactive. And before you say something like that can’t possibly happen to you, consider that in many cities, the first snowfall of the year brings with it a whole mess of accidents.

While you can’t guarantee you’ll avoid every single potential accident, there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances you’ll end up as an injured party in one of the many winter trucking accidents.

Keep Your Car Properly Serviced

As you may have noticed reading our blog, the main cause of winter trucking accidents seems to be improper maintenance by the trucking firm. There’s a lesson in that. Especially in winter months, it’s imperative that you ensure your vehicle is in a state of good repair.


Here’s a checklist:

  • Install winter tires, and check their pressure frequently.
  • If you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, bring it in for seasonal tune-ups.
  • Make sure your defroster and heater are both functional.
  • Flush and refill your antifreeze once the weather starts to get cold, and make sure it’s good up to the necessary temperature.
  • Regularly check your engine, especially the battery.
  • Make sure your brake lines are functional.
  • Regularly wash and wax your car.


Watch Your Surroundings

It goes without saying that you need to be attentive when you drive – but this is doubly true in the winter months. Pay close attention to the road and other vehicles on it, and keep a close eye out for anything that could be ice. You may also want to avoid driving near large vehicles altogether wherever possible, as failure to do so could both put you at risk of an accident and cause damage to your car with flying debris.

Listen To Weather Reports

Is there a blizzard on the way? Does the forecast call for white-out conditions? Keeping a close watch on the skies – and avoiding driving when the weather gets especially nasty – can be a life-saver. If you really need to get to work or school, it might be worth just taking the bus or phoning in.


Closing Thoughts

Winter’s here, and the roads are much more dangerous than ever. By being proactive about your driving and keeping your vehicle in a good state of repair, you can ensure you’re safe from the majority of winter trucking accidents – and all accidents. And if, with all the preparatory steps you’ve taken, you still end up injured in an accident with a trucker, you can contact Bormaster Law for a free consultation – we’ll make sure the company responsible doesn’t just get off with a slap on the wrist.