What Exactly IS A Free Legal Consultation, Anyway?

document-428331_640The old adage that nothing in life is truly free may apply to timeshares and social media, but it doesn’t always hold true. Look at the legal services industry, for example. There are plenty of firms out there that offer a free legal consultation – and while they aren’t all created equal, it’s never a bad idea to check at least a few of them out.

After all, if things go belly-up, all you lose is a bit of time.

The primary benefit of a free legal consultation is fairly obvious – legal advice. You sit down with a firm of your choosing and lay out the details of your case. Some consulting firms review the matter with their clients, while others simply establish whether or not they can represent the case. Certain agencies might even give a prospective client advice on next steps to take in the legal process.

It isn’t just a matter of receiving legal advice, either. When you walk into a free legal consultation, you can look at it as sort of similar to touring a showhome. Pay careful attention to everything about your surroundings.

In particular, you should make note of:

  • The building. What does the exterior look like? How professional does the office itself appear to be? Is it well-maintained, or a terrible mess?
  • The support staff. Are they cheerful, helpful, and attentive, or does it seem like they’re rather be anywhere that isn’t their workplace?
  • The lawyers. Are they interested in helping you? Do they offer genuine, helpful advice about your case, or simply try to usher you along to signing a retainer?

If you get a bad vibe from anyone in the firm, it’s probably not a terrible option to go elsewhere. Legal mistakes can be extremely costly and damaging to undo, after all. You want to make absolutely certain that you avoid them in whatever way possible.

To that end, here’s a bit of advice you can follow in preparing for your free legal consultation:

  • Make sure you’ve all files relevant to the case on hand. This might include emails, court orders, or contracts/agreements. In the case of court documents, always ensure they’re the final, signed versions.
  • Plan out your questions in advance. What are you worried about? What do you want to know about your case?
  • Bring a friend or family member. If you end up consulting with a bad firm, they can provide a buffer for some of the pushy sales tactics underhanded lawyers tend to employ.

You can get a lot of value out of a free legal consultation. And it just so happens that Bormaster Law offers them. Whether you’re being charged in a criminal trial, pursuing a civil suit, or trying to get reparations for an accident or injury, we’re here to help.

And don’t worry – we aren’t in it for your money. We’re in it to help. That’s how it’s always been, and how it always will be.

Because as a client, you deserve no less.