What Happens When A Truck Carrying Dangerous Materials Crashes?

Truck fire on U.S. Route 93, near Wikieup, Arizona

Image Credit: Sergei ~ 5of7

A truck crash is devastating enough on its own. These aren’t ordinary vehicles we’re talking about, after all. An average transport truck weighs somewhere in the avenue of 40 tons.

If you get hit by one, you probably aren’t leaving the scene of the accident.

When hazardous materials enter the equation, however, things can quickly go from ‘dangerous’ to ‘downright terrifying.’ Just look at what recently happened in Montreal, Canada. A tanker truck carrying unknown hazardous materials (fire officials described it as some form of diesel fuel) crashed on a highway and burst into flames. One person – the driver – was killed in the crash, while six others were injured. These types of dangerous crashes happen more than they should. 

It isn’t just oil or diesel, either. Transport trucks carry all manner of hazardous materials. These could include medical supplies, industrial chemicals, weapons, or even radioactive objects. Dangerous crashes involving one of these trucks, therefore, has the potential to injure more than just the people involved.

Way more.

In June, for example, a truck carrying radioactive construction material overturned in Rockland County, New York. It was a stroke of luck that the hazmat team arrived as quickly as they did – and even luckier that none of the radioactive material contained within the truck leaked.

There’s also a recent crash in Madison County, which involved a tanker truck containing a highly toxic and poisonous material which led officials to evacuate the area. Or there was the crash in Oklahoma late this past summer, where a truck transporting sulfuric acid crashed, killing the driver, shutting down highways, and exposing at least six people to the acid. Or, if you want to look way back, a fatal crash in Houston where a semi trailer crashed and released 7,000 gallons of Ammonia, killing seven people and leaving almost 200 injured.

The list of dangerous crashes goes on and on. And the stakes here are far higher than with a regular crash. A truck carrying hazardous materials can cause critical damage to residences and kill or permanently cripple countless people. More than any other transport firm, companies that work with such chemicals need to be held accountable.

Because if they aren’t, there will be more tragedies like the Houston incident. There will be more fatalities as a result of cut corners. And there will be more lives ruined by dangerous crashes involving toxic materials.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a transport truck – even if it wasn’t carrying hazardous materials – contact a lawyer and hold the agency that employed that truck accountable. It’s not only in your best interests, but in the best interests of everyone else who might fall victim to a corrupt trucking firm in the future. And here’s where we come in.

At Bormaster Law, we’ve a long history of taking corrupt trucking organizations to task. Whether you’ve been injured or disabled, whether you or a loved one are the victim, we’re here to help. Contact us now for a free consultation.